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Faculty of pedagogy

The Faculty of Pedagogy prepares teachers for elementary education. These students study Pedagogy and Methodology that will qualify them to be elementary school teachers. This study includes 21 Century criteria for teaching students in the elementary school system. Students are challenged by new methods of instruction and procedure that have been tested in the classroom and have proven to increase the learning levels of the young students.

The Faculty of Pedagogy teaches the science of age and family psychology. This is done to insure that the teacher understands the children not only in the classroom but in the family. The Institute wants to insure that teachers understand the methods and process to produce good students and good citizens that are harmonious with their surroundings that make their individual life.

Subjects taught in this faculty are fine arts and the methodology to teach their concepts; Armenian cultural history and the elementary aesthetics that allow the students not only to be educated but to appreciate the life around them. Each pedagogy student have practical teaching experience in the better schools in the region, youth creative center and in summer camps.