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Educational and Practical Experience

HIH has a student council, and is considered the Institute highest elected body. The council handles student issues that include student interests that influences educational, scientific, creative, and moral and spiritual development.

The student’s council’s aim is:

  • To insure the student’s active participation into the HIH educational activities.
  • To represent to the Administration student interests.
  • To influence the educational process of the Institute
  • Protect student rights
  • Unit student organizations, clubs and unions to contribute to the creation of an effective atmosphere for the students and will influence the scientific, educational, spiritual, creative and physical development of all people involved in the HIH educational process.
  • Organized HIH activities for students during holidays and special events.
  • To help HIH to meet the declared missions and goals.

The Congress is the next organization made up of students and faculty. The Congress is comprised of different students faculties student council members. An elected leadership direct the council’s activities. An election committee of the council prepares for the elections which has a representation of 18 people.

The HIH control committee handles the correspondence generated from the student council’s decisions and control the expenditure of council finances.